Thursday, August 21, 2008

Okay, so yesterday I decided to finally launch my New Year's resolution (since it is nearly September after all ) and begin getting this house in order and be more consistent with "regular" stuff (laundry, washing dishes, etc) AND to get the rooms upstairs cleaned out so that DH can get his much-needed space in the basement for his motorcycle biz.

I had a busy day yesterday and made a lot of headway upstairs. I decided to change the sheets on the bed last night when my ankle turned and BAM fell right down on the basement floor. I must have caught myself on my right hand/wrist (it happened so fast I can't really remember), which is of course my dominant hand. I had to stay down a few minutes while I tried to squelch the nausea and shooting pain. My ankle is fine (amazingly, since that is what I normally hurt) but apparently my wrist/arm has some pulled muscles...I can't twist my arm whatsoever without getting sweaty and wanting to, well, puke. I don't think it's broken but I think I was darned lucky.

DH got me an elastic bandage and wrapped me's helped somewhat since it keeps my wrist in the only position I can have it in, and the only reason I can (kinda) type at the moment.

Saturday/Sunday is going to be interesting since I have a scrap demo and workshop, I hope this feels a bit better tomorrow so I can pre-cut and package my stuff together. I really need to do some more laundry and hopefully if I"m careful can do at least one load so I don't have to go out naked this weekend and scare everyone.

With that, better sign off...I have to keep my right hand in a strange position when typing and this has already taken me forever to type. LOL

Take care out's dangerous!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Birthday Girl (2-page layout)

I wanted to try to keep up with current photos and scrapbooking so decided to complete a layout of my granddaughter's photos taken on the 7th of August. It's only the 18th of August!!! :) I've never scrapped pics this soon so I am very proud of myself. LOL Here is my little sweetie.

There is hidden journaling behind one of the photos that you pull out with the ribbon. Whoops-A-Daisy patterned papers on White Daisy bases. Large mats (Watermelon cardstock) cut with Coluzzle File Template. Stamp sets: Happiness and Solos Number 5. Title made with Dimensional Elements (Uppercase, Lowercase and Classic Alphabets). Small daisy from Happiness stamped on letters in Watermelon and Ocean; "five" stamped in Ocean (on letters). Large flower stamped in Watermelon and Ocean, cut out, layered with 3-D Foam Squares underneath for dimension. Stem/leaves in Sweet Leaf. Inking on edges of cardstock with Watermelon. Silver Hinges. Bling is pink rhinestone flowers (previous Connection Club Reward).

Friday, August 15, 2008

You're A Star! (2-page layout)

August workshop layout sample for "You Are A Star!" finally done, newsletter completed and emailed! Whew!!!

Here I was uninspired and not thrilled with the idea of working with these papers and I ended up really liking the darned things!
Photobucket Photobucket
Used Game On patterned papers. Base: Desert Sand textured cardstock, Grey Wool and Colonial White basic cardstocks. Stamp sets: July Word Puzzle, Delightful Alphabet and Sans Alphabet. Inks: Star Spangled Blue and Clover Meadow. Dry embossing on Grey Wool cardstock; inking with Foam Distressing Tool on Colonial White and around Desert Sand base pages in Black. Also sand distressed Desert Sand bases. Journaling on Vellum with Photo Marker. Marker: Star Spangled Blue. Natural Hemp. Pewter Brads. Stars on Grey Wool cut out and adhered with 3-D Foam Squares for dimension.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life Is A Highway (2-page layout)

I've been working on the layout for my next scrapbooking party on the 23rd. The hostess requested a "vacation" layout so I've been exhausting my brain on coming up with something beyond the boring "our vacation". There was a cover on our Summer 2007 Idea Book that I loved but it was only a one-page layout with one big picture so I decided to tweak it (to put it doesn't look anything like the original! LOL) into a 2-page, and used different papers/colors/embellishments. I hope she likes it!

Here is what I came up with:
Life Is A Highway
Left Layout (top), Right Layout (bottom)

Details: Free Spirit papers. Cardstocks: Indian Corn Blue, Cocoa, Honey and Colonial White. Stamp sets: Rustic Alphabet, Sans Alphabet, Star Struck. Stamped and edges inked with Cocoa around edges of "Life Is A"; Highway stamped in ICB. Square window charms used on ICB/Honey combo squares. Silver hinges. "Vacation" journaling on Colonial White, sponged with Black Stubble Tool in Honey and edges inked with Cocoa; printed in Cocoa RGB. "The shortest distance between two points is under construction" was printed on transparency in Cocoa RGB.Tabs and signpost QuicKutz dies, in ICB, Honey and Cocoa.

Now I have to get a layout done for the workshop I have tentatively planned for the 24th. That one has had me stumped too but think I've got some ideas now. It's about time since the workshop is the week after next! LOL

I also want to make the cards from a card kit that is on special beginning the 14th. I don't have the other one yet but at least have some pictures of it that I can print out for display purposes on the 23rd so that everyone can get an idea of what it is included.

I really ought to dishes....what a toss up.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

5th & 21st Birthdays!

This week my GD turned 5 and DD turned 21!!!!

I can't remember if I mentioned it a while back but I lost touch with my GrD's mother when they moved late last year (our only contact was through our myspace accounts). She had mentioned they were moving in town here, and the name of the mobile home park, but that was all. I kept looking on myspace but she hadn't gotten back on there, didn't have a phone number or email. *sigh*

Well, a couple of weeks ago, just hoping for some luck, I called the office of the mobile home park she mentioned they were moving to. A very nice lady answered the phone, knew just who I was talking about, let me leave a message with my phone numbers. Lo and behold C. called me within a day or so!!!! I was ecstatic! She had lost my phone numbers when she lost her cellphone so it was great to get back in touch...and lucky too because I found out that they are moving this weekend to a different park!!! Whew, what luck.

ANYway....we got to see my little GrD a few days ago; we wanted to take over a few gifts and give C. some extra money to help with school clothes and whatnot. GD has gotten SO big and is still as adorable as ever. One of the gifts I got was a "makeup" kit....she immediately opened it (with grandpa's and my help LOL) and began playing. She also beautified me with nail polish, body ink and body glitter (see photo below, except the glitter doesn't show up LOL). I was covered in it! We had a blast.

We didn't stay too long because I knew C. was tired and since they are in the process of moving, we didn't want to keep them from what they needed to do. It was absolutely wonderful seeing them again and at least I now have her phone number and new address! :)

Here is the card I made for her (as if she cared about it, just give me presents!!! LOL) Watermelon, White Daisy and Ocean cardstocks. White Daisy ink. Stamp sets: Happiness and Solos 5. White Daisy grosgrain ribbon. Lots of bling from Sparkles and flower from Summer Connections Club. Daisy cut out and mounted on 3-D Foam Square.

AND, the day after GrD's birthday was DD's 21st birthday! She is glad that is over and has of course already visited the DMV to remove the "under 21" notation from her driver's license!!! LOL Oh, that reminds me, I don't think I ever mentioned a couple of weeks ago she comes home and says she lost her wallet!!! This was about a week after she lost her cellphone!!! KIDS!!!

Anyway, I asked if it had her green card, etc in it and she said no (that was a relief, those are $$$$$ to replace!!). Well, a few days later, what do I find in the mailbox...her wallet!!!! Some nice soul had come by and put it in there. Makes one feel good about humanity when that happens. I took a peek through it to see if all was there (no cash of course!) but her green card WAS in there!!! I don't know if she was afraid to tell us or if she really thought it wasn't there but boy am I REALLY glad that wallet came back!

So, she had a great birthday (threw up in the bar and everything...really rolled in turning 21 as she ought ) and had a wonderful couple of days with friends, etc. She took the day after her birthday off from work because I reckon she knew she wasn't going to be up for working!!! LOL

Here was the card I made for her. The cash we gave her tucked in nicely. Why bother picking things out for kids once they reach that age???!!!! I convinced DH to just give $$$...easier on us and we know she'll like it!!! Groovy Blossoms patterned paper. Cocoa and Hollyhock cardstocks. Cocoa ink. Stamp Sets Solos U, R, 2, 1, and Star Struck. Pewter conchos and brads. Cocoa organdy ribbon. 2, 1, r and arrow mounted on 3-D Foam Squares.

I guess that's about it for now! Hope all out there had a great weekend! It's finally cooled off a bit here, humidity is down, so that is wonderful!!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My July Card Workshop

Edited to add: sorry about the weird formatting! I have tried all sorts of ways but can't align it right for some reason! You'll just have to live with it too. LOL

I'm as caught up as I'm going to be! Whew! I have some card kits to finish up and then I have promised myself to do a scrapbook layout! I might even get my August workshop finalized (a layout too). Yippee!!! I am determined to work with the Game On papers. It's going to be challenge. I like them, but nothing creative really pops out at me when I look at them, if you know what I mean. I have seen some other artwork examples and they look great, especially if you use a bright color; they really pop on the black and other neutrals.'s gotta be done! I won't be able to work on it until Monday, though, since I don't get the papers until then. I have plenty to keep me busy until then and I have GOT to get my scrap room moved! Life will be so much easier when I do, if I can just get the can in gear.

So, these are cards made in the July workshop:

Blue Ribbon patterned paper. Cardstocks: Honey, Outdoor Denim, Indian Corn Blue and are edge distressed. Cranberry eyelets with Designer Ribbon Rounds Ric-Rac. Stamp set: Whimsical Wings; stamped in Outdoor Denim, then colored with Cranberry and Buttercup markers. Cut out and adhered to matting with 3-D adhesive and wings folded back.

Random stamping with Vintage USA stamp set in Desert Sand, Outdoor Denim and Cranberry. Sentiment and star from Vintage USA (star on 3-D foam square). Outdoor Denim striped ribbon.

Base White Daisy cardstock. Cranberry cardstock under Blue Butterfly patterned paper from Blue Ribbon. White Ric-rac ribbon attached to photo hanger. Sentiment from Say It In Style on Indian Corn Blue cardstock with Thank You stamped in Cranberry. Circle is Cranberry cardstock.

Blue Ribbon patterned paper. Outdoor Denim & Colonial Whte cardstocks. Stamp set Raccoon & Friends. Ink Desert Sand and Outdoor Denim (ink distressing and swiping). Pewter brads.

Blue Ribbon patterned papers, Cranberry & Colonial White cardstocks. Vintage USA stamp set. Cranberry eyelets and Designer Ribbon Rounds - Ric-Rac. Inks Outdoor Denim, ink distressing Desert Sand.

Blue Ribbon patterned paper. Honey and Indian Corn Blue cardstocks. ICB CS dry embossed, sanded then ink distressed. Ink distressing in Desert Sand. Dragonfly square sanded with ink distressing in Outdoor Denim. Cranberry eyelet, Clear Craft Button with patterned paper adhered with Liqued Glass, and Cranberry Waxy Flax. Designer Ribbon Rounds - Ric-Rac surrounds Dragonfly. Stamp set: Whimsical Wings.

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