Sunday, February 24, 2008


I'm having a scrapbooking workshop today, to make a mini-album and 2-page layout. Here are the photos of the layouts, called Joy. I added photos of when I first met my grandson.

Made with Good Times papers/cardstock. Stamping done with the February Stamp of the Month, Endless Love, and embellishments are from the Mini-Medleys Accents in Chocolate. Sentiment and journaling done with Expressives Volume II Font CD, printed in Sweet Leaf and Chocolate. I am hooked on it!

I had better get off the computer and get ready. I hope I can complete the workshop in the time I wanted's at a church and don't want it to interfere with anything there.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Life Delights Memory Showcase 9x9 Accordion Album

I finally finished the 9x9 accordion album for my mother-in-law's birthday. Unfortunately, it's going to be late since there's no way on God's green Earth that it will be in England by the 16th's the thought that counts, right? Right.

What is pathetic is that this was even a kit, with the papers, cardstock, accessories, cutting and step-by-step assembly instructions to complete it!!! I've had this for a while but didn't think of doing it for her until recently. It actually didn't take me long to do the album but it took me ages to figure out what pictures to use. As some of you may recall my father-in-law passed away last year and I didn't want the album to seem macabre to her. Since her stroke she gets upset easily so I chose some photos of her, DH, me and kids, her sisters, and there is one picture with dear FIL in it, along with her and DH's kids. I only added a few flowers to it (not many things I make escape flowers, unless it's for my grandson's scrapbook layouts ) but everything else was included in the kit itself. The flower on the front cover was white but I can't leave anything alone so I painted it by mixing the Blush re-inker with the CTMH white paint, then added a Sweet Leaf craft button (complete with Waxy Flax in the button holes of course...I'm anal about filling those holes LOL).

AND...I finally tried printing out journaling! I always wanted to print from my computer and add the words to a tag but I always thought it looked too much of a hassle. I decided to go for it since there was a tag included in the album's kit. I had the RGB codes to coordinate the color with the kit , printed out a sample then taped my cut-out tag over it. I ran it through the printer again and lo-and-behold it worked like a charm!!! I used the CTMH Fonts CD II with the Aristrocrat font. I was so excited, now I feel really stupid having put it off all this time.
I've had the card made for quite some time but now the album is done and DH has to figure out what else he wants to include in the package. That could take until her next birthday. She has been doing so well lately, since she's been at DH's sister's house. She can say a few words now and gets around pretty well. She still can't use her right arm but that hasn't stopped her from forcing them to take her shopping. She's a hoot and I love her like crazy. DH still calls her every day and she's coming up with new words, sometimes sentences, all of the time. They never dreamed they'd ever hear her speak again so we're all so thrilled.

Anyway, here is the card I made for her (the butterfly is on a pop-up adhesive and the wings are folded back/raised and all glittery but you can't tell by the scan *sigh*), as well as the album's slideshow. I hope she likes them both and forgives me for being so late!!!

Grrrrrrr....for some reason blogger doesn't like my album's slideshow tag no matter what I do, so will have to just add the pictures:

Front Cover, Page 1, Page 2

Page 3, Page 4, Back Cover

Page 5, Page 6

I am so glad that CTMH brought this Life Delights album was available as a special one month last year. These make perfect gifts and I absolutely love the colors (Blush, Lilac Mist, Sweet Leaf and Chocolate).

Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's Groundhog Day!

To view my post about this celebration see my Xanga blog February 2nd entry The format didn't transfer properly here and I'm too lazy to work with it :D

Here's to an early Spring!!!

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