Sunday, December 16, 2007

Adding more layouts...I haven't updated in ages!

I have another blog that I started way before this one and have been remiss in updating for ages. For some reason I don't find it as user-friendly (errrr...maybe operator error lol) and don't have the time to spare. My CTMH business has grown in the last few months and have had some illness in the family so not much time to devote as I needed. But, I'll see if it can get easier.
With that, here are a few of the latest layouts completed:

I had the pleasure of attending the CTMH Regionals near St. Louis MO in early November and on Saturday we made several layouts and cards. Below are some of the layouts that I was able to use thus far for my own photos:

This one used Everlasting papers, Dimensional Elements and one of the Foundry Frames. I rubbed Desert Sand ink over the frame with my brayer to age it up some. We also received some of the Holiday Ribbon Rounds (among lots of other goodies!) so they are added as well as the Stamp set (name escapes me for the moment and don't have book handy lol...will update later). The photos were from the Christmas 2003 (see also the Magical Christmas layout posted earlier) when we were at D.'s parents' house before the Pantomime. Pictured next to us are D.'s two children and his parents on the right layout. What lovely people. I had met them before when I visited England in June 2003 and they made me feel so welcome right away. Unfortunately, D.'s father passed away in May and his mother had a massive stroke a couple of months ago, but was released from the hospital on Monday and is currently staying at one of D.'s sister's house since she can't live on her own. I digress...sorry.

This layout is actually one I used from a CTMH Workshop and from the Cherish How-To program using Enchanted papers and (insert stamp set name here lol). I used the faux leather technique on the Honey CS pieces (excluding the photo mats). The pictures are of my nutty dear husband racing...although it was actually a "practice day" that I was able to attend while I visited in June 2003. One of the things I must say about D....he loves to LIVE so he seemed perfect for this layout.
Here is one of my own creations, but of course based on a Cherish template (the first two pages). I recently discovered the joys of TrueFit Folios! I LOVE these things. There were quite a few pictures as well as a newspaper article for the photos used with these layouts, from a Charity run D. participated in while he was working for FedEx in England. It was a motorcycle ride from Lands End to John O'Groats and was quite a feat. The newspaper article isn't all that pleasing to the eye, but very important so the Folios worked perfectly with this....and I loved that I got a 4-page layout in the space of only 2! I just trimmed the sides of a page protector and slid it over the top layout upside down so it will lift up to reveal the other two layouts (one on top of the other). You can see it in the last picture. (The blank blue cardstock piece in the 3rd picture is awaiting journaling from dear husband!!! lol)
I used the Majestic Blue papers with coordinating My Stickease and some Outdoor Denim ribbon. I didn't want to use too much more since it was jam-packed already!

Below is another layout completed at Regionals and used for some of my stepson's pictures. He's a racing fanatic too. *sigh* These were taken a week before he had a big crash and hurt himself pretty badly. He hasn't raced since....but have heard he's got the bug to try it in the US again. *another sigh*
These were the Free Spirit papers with coordinating My Stickease and (insert name here) Stamp set. In case you haven't noticed, I'm awful at trying to remember the names of stamp sets! I'm trying to hurry here though so I can get back to scrapbooking some more this evening. lol

Another Free Spirit layout completed at Regionals with the coordinating My Stickease, a few Just Blooms for accents along with the Twill Stickstock (love that, hadn't used it before yet), but used for some pictures from a little trip D. and I took with some good friends to southern Illinois. D. caught his first catfish that day and had to show his prize to L, even though he and his wife had settled in for a nap.
Also pictured is our little baby, Dinky. Trying to keep the background story short, I sent Dinky (a Beanie Baby duck) to D. when we were "dating" online as a joke, since D. loves ducks. For some reason, he was tickled by him and ended up taking him EVERYWHERE with him, while he was dispatch riding and when he came to the US for visits. He took pictures of he and Dinky and they were hilarious...sure to be included in some layouts soon. So, we decided to continue the tradition since he seems to enjoy his outings so much. lol
Well, that's it for today. This has taken ages to do and as I said I want to get back to scrapbooking for the night. I need to finish up a couple of layouts I'm nearly done with and plan a couple of others.
That's all for now and will try to be back soon!

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